Ongole, Nov. 25: The global meltdown has badly affected the exports of the world famous galaxy granite from Chimakurthi of Prakasam district. Chimakurthi, located about 25 km from Ongole on the Kurnool Road, is famous for a rare type of black granite which is not found anywhere else in the world. It is exported to all corners of the globe.


A delegation of the Trinamool Congress met the Tamil Nadu Governor Lt.
Surjit Singh Barnala to intervene and stop the Kanchamalai iron ore mining proposals.

The Trinamool Congress has launched a state-wide campaign to protect the environment and mineral resources of the State. They have been conducting rally and fasts to highlight degradation of environment and minerals at the hands of officials and politicians who pursue an apathetic environment policy .

Laiqh A. Khan

KOLLEGAL (Chamarajanagar district): After a 16-year lull, the forest areas of Kollegal region on Karnataka's border with Tamil Nadu will begin to resonate with the sound of explosives and the drone of excavators and trucks as quarrying for the valuable black granite is all set to resume.

The Government of Karnataka's Department of Mines and Geology has issued No Objection Certificates to 29 applicants seeking to carry out quarrying activities in revenue land adjoining the forest areas, where large deposits exist.

In this piece of work, an attempt has been made to study the noise level of equipment induced sound at some granite quarries in Ganjam dist. and then to study noise induced deafness (NID) among the persons working there as laborers.

Jeevan Rekha Parishad a local environment NGO in India came to know of the exploitation of child labor in the stone crushers, iron ore and granite mines of Khurda and Badbil region of Orissa and of their inhuman conditions of life. As this is a serious

Child labour are working in very large and alarming numbers in the iron-ore and granite mines of Hospet-Bellary region of Karnataka state in direct violation of the constitutional rights of children. Most of the children are migrant labourers.

Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Y. S.

The Karnataka government recently signalled its intention to renew granite quarrying licences in the Malai Madeshwara hills in Chamarajnagar district. Quarrying was banned in 1992, when the area was under the sway of Veerappan.

After Veerappan, granite mining troubles