17 lakh affected in 21 districts, AASU demands special package from Centre

A torrential downpour this afternoon brought back the misery of water-logging and artificial flood to many localities in the city.

Soil pollution in Guwahati city, Assam, India has become a major concern since the last few decades. To study the impact of automobile and industrial emission, distribution patterns of 16 different polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) and eight heavy metals were investigated in the soil samples collected from 15 different sites. Higher concentration of total PAHs and heavy metals was found in the industrial areas compared to the high traffic areas.

Guwahati: A pre-monsoon shower lasting for about half an hour had the entire city under water on Wednesday.

Scarcity of public toilets, poor maintenance irk denizens

Circles concerned in the State want to tell Guwahatians – ‘beware of both air and sound pollution rates in the city as the trend in these two aspects isn’t going the right way’.

GUWAHATI: Even as world leaders discuss climate change in Paris, residents of the city are seeking dedicated cycle routes to reduce pollution and improve fitness levels.

Some cities in Assam and the northeast have reported a drastic drop in air quality over the past few years.

Environ, a group for the environmental management for sustainable development, is working hard to manage solid waste disposal and is campaigning for a plastic-free puja this year.

Hospital employees in cahoots with scrap dealers making a mockery of biomedical waste handling rules