Adulteration of milk is not a new problem in the town of Bulandshahar in western Uttar Pradesh (UP). However, it is leading to another type of slow poisoning. Local people complain that dairies

The corrupt and inefficient among pollution control authorities have surrendered India s groundwater to unscrupulous industrial units

Down To Earth spoke to D K Biswas, chairperson, Central Pollution Control Board, about the seriousness of groundwater pollution. Excerpts:

Once polluted by industry, groundwater is very difficult to clean up. This is the lesson learnt from the Bichhri experience. Situated about 12 km from Udaipur, the groundwater of Bichhri, spread over

Foreseeing the threat posed by mining to the Surajkund and Badkallakes in Haryana, the Supreme Court has ordered the closure of all mines on May 13. No mining operation will be allowed within a

Thousands of industrial units in parts of Haryana are clandestinely discarding untreated effluents into aquifers, irreversibly damaging groundwater.

Unplanned mining for granite and marble in the Aravalli ranges has transformed Badkhal lake in Haryana from a tourists' delight to a dry, rocky terrain. Located a stone's throw away from Delhi,

KHEJRI (Prosopis cineraria) is nature's best gift to the farmers of Rajasthan and Haryana for it not only thrives in drought conditions and in poor soils, but also encourages the growth of crops

A dry winter followed by the highest temperatures recorded in February in the north Indian plains in the past six decades led to fears in state agricultural departments that rabi crop yields would be

GUAYULE is an arid-zone crop that is one of only two species yielding rubber in quantities substantial enough for commercial use. Unlike the rubber tree, guayule can be cultivated in marginal lands