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KATHMANDU: Incidence of poverty has come down by 17.40 percentage points in the last seven years in six districts where the Poverty Alleviation Fund (PAF) is operating its programmes, a latest repo

Humla, July 30: Mini Hydropower Project has been completed at Kalika and Shreenagar VDCs in Humla district after five years.

A 4.4-magnitude tremor was felt in the far-north western part of Nepal on Monday afternoon with epicentre in the remote Humla district in the Nepal-Tibetan border.

Hyena, a protected wildlife, is at the risk of extinction of late, according to a study. Unchecked poaching of hyena and smuggling of its organs has posed a threat.

Two mini hydropower projects have been completed at Gyalsang Yanggar of Muchu VDC in the district recently.

A survey conducted in the upper region of Humla district has found goa (Procapra picticaudata), also known as the Tibetan gazelle and Argali or the mountain sheep, which was deemed extinct.