Peeved at Pakistan's often-repeated allegation that it is being deprived of its share of common waters, India today said such charges were aimed at diverting the attention of their people from their own inefficient use of the vital resource.

Ehsan Fazili

Ever since General Ashfaq Kayani, Pakistan

In what is being seen as a larger attempt to erode the credibility of the 50-year-old Indus Water Treaty, a concerned India is baffled by the allegations being levelled from Pakistan over water sharing between the two countries.

The receding of glaciers and drying up of springs are the major concerns shared by one and all here.

India: Kashmir

The Indian-held Kashmir (IHK) government on Tuesday demanded compensation from New Delhi for losses incurred due to the Indus Water Treaty (IWT), a water-sharing agreement signed between India and Pakistan in 1960.

Athar Parvaiz

: The already exist ing disputes between India and Pakistan over water-sharing are expected to exasperate further given the forecast that the impact of climatic changes, due to environmental degradation, would cause drastic depletion in volume of water in the Indus River system originating from Himalayan glaciers.

Due to last three weeks of rains in the country, water shortage, which otherwise was estimated at 10 per cent for early Kharif, has ended, and the water planners hope to have

Srinagar: Negligence on the part of officials of the Public Health Engineering (PHE) Department in repairing a leaking water supply pipe may lead to a breach in the embankment of the Jehlum in the Padshahi Bagh area here. This may lead to flooding of the area when it rains.