Three arrested for alleged attempt to dump waste

With the district administration and the local bodies yet to put in place a mechanism to manage waste, people have to bear the stench from garbage heaps dumped on the roadside and river banks, posing a health hazard. Waste from hotels, restaurants and households is dumped in bushes along roads or into rivers mostly in the cover of darkness.

The government has decided to go ahead with preparation of detailed project report for the High Speed Rail Corridor connecting Thiruvananthapuram to Kasaragod trains speeding more than 200 kilometres an hour.

Though there were apprehensions about the feasibility of the project, the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation, which conducted the feasibility study, has given a positive report.

To provide faster access to destinations separated by vast distances in India, the Indian Railways' proposal to use high-speed “bullet train” technology is a step in the right direction, says Delhi

No more dumping on locality, say residents of Kelugude

The threat of an epidemic outbreak is looming over the town, which now has garbage heaps in various prime spots.

Kasaragod: Protests against the use of Endosulfan mounted on Monday as the town witnessed a series of marches and meetings by various organisations and parties seeking a complete ban on the pesticide and a comprehensive rehabilitation package for the victims' families.

The Anti-Endosulfan Campaign Committee observed a fast near the Collectorate. It was inaugurated by Leela Kumari Amma.

What led to the constitution of a Working Group on Environment (WGE)?
The planning board wanted to move with the times. The Kerala government had a science and technology and environment department since 1987. But the V S Achutanandan government has made environment an independent department. Since the government wanted a roadmap for the functioning of the department, the WGE had to be set up.