Certification for semi-processed leather questioned Quarantine issues The annual imports of skin and hide through the Chennai port are estimated at about Rs 1,000 crore. Quarantine issues do not arise in the case of semi processed leather, which is chemically treated, says trade body. The manufacturers have also taken up the issue with the Department of Animal Husbandry at the Centre, and a notification clarifying the issue is expected. R. Balaji Chennai, April 2

College duo comes up with eco friendly tanning process

A 1,400-year-old leather artefact found in the Yukon province of Canada has turned out to be a moccasin a soft leather slipper traditionally worn by American Indians. The object was recovered from a

Researchers in the US have used a washing powder ingredient to turn waste leather into a high-value

Pakistan is gearing up to face the environmental conditions likely to be European countries in the New world trade order. As a first step, it has undertaken to facilitate a