Polluting companies in the US - the country which has often screamed the loudest at the merest hint of environmental negligence - can now rest easy. Protecting them from engendering

A Supreme Court ruling to install waste incinerators in India is under a scathing attack from environmental activists

Dioxins and fLirans. two deadly by- products of medical waste incineration, form directly from chlorine and chlorinated products which are present in much larger volumes in medical wastes than in

A wetland in the St Lucia estuary on the cast coast in KwaZUILI-Natal province was saved from devastation when the country's cabinet banned the development of a mineral sands project by

A Kerala High Court order quashes quarrying operations which had dealt a bodyblow to megalithic tombstones in the state

A WTO ruling raps the US for its unfair trade practices and the failure to stick to environmental rules on clean fuel standard

THE extraction, transportation and conversion of fuels and the end-use of energy have resulted in a wide range of environmental problems. It is tempting to believe that development is the most

For the Broken Hill Pty Co Ltd (BLIP), the Australian mining giant, the coming year could entail many a court session as it faces trial in Victoria's Supreme Court for alleged

The Clinton administration has suffered yet another setback in its crusade to protect the forests in the US northwest from marauding timber merchants. On September 14, district court judge

Swamped by petitions, seeking environment redressal across the country, the Supreme Court has sought the help of lawyers' associations to devise means for reducing pollution and cleansing the