At a time when the Central government is pushing through various initiatives to conserve tigers in the country, the rising incidents of seizure of tiger parts in Assam have raised fears that like t

Centre plans to preserve elephant habitats, thereby reducing human-animal conflict

Pertinent development project proposals came up for discussion at the crucial sixth meeting of the State Board for Wildlife, Assam (SBWL) held in Guwahati.

In this meeting, the Board was apprised of all the initiatives taken by the Assam Government for improving wildlife protection in the State. The Board appreciated the move to establish Tiger Conservation Foundations for Kaziranga, Manas and Nameri Tiger Reserves, the Wildlife (Protection) Assam Amendment Act, 2009 and giving power to forest personnel to use firearms without prior government sanction and immunity from prosecution.

The Centre has released the first instalment of conservation funds sanctioned for three tiger reserves in Assam with the rider that they utilise it according to the agreement signed with it and Dispur last year.

The Centre has released Rs 573.08 lakh for the current fiscal, of which Rs 272.72 lakh will go to Kaziranga, Rs 237.50 lakh to Manas and Rs 63.58 lakh to Nameri.

Guwahati, Aug.

GUWAHATI, Aug 24: The Assam State BJP today accused Forest Minister Rockybul Hussain of helping illegal Bangladeshi immigrants to settle in forest areas in order to get their votes for the Congress in the elections.

- BRO hill-cutting puts habitat of Sonitpur animal reserves in danger

Guwahati, Aug.

TEZPUR, May 23

State Environment and Forest Minister Rockybul Hussain today informed that the State has entered into a tripartite agreement involving the National Park Authority and the Central Government for the implementation of the Project Tiger Foundation in the State. Assam is among the five States of the country to have entered into such an agreement.

Legislator burns forest camp in Assam s Nameri National Park