India to seek inclusion of 39 sites of the Ghats in Unesco World Heritage List

IUCN team inspected the sites as part of evaluation process

KOCHI: The World Heritage List tag will not affect the flow of life in the Western Ghats, say experts.

As the country is all set to vie for the prestigious nomination of the Unesco, apprehensions were raised that the status would affect the life of peo

This note is in response to a request from Madhya Pradesh Ecotourism Development Board (MPEDB), on envisaging the role of communities in ecotourism. Using six case studies, the possible role of communities across the spectrum of different levels of community involvement are highlighted along with their positive and negative impacts.

In 1962, it was the Indo Chinese war. Now it is the creation of the Nanda Devi Biosphere Reserve. Once again, the Bhotiyas, who inhabit the Garhwal hills, find themselves at crossroads. They find their means of sustenance cut off. The difference this tim