Madhya Pradesh Urban Administration and Development Minister Babulal Gaur today said the state's four main cities Bhopal, Indore, Gwalior and Jabalpur will be made plastic-free.

The city might have been declared polythene free, but polythene bags are readily available in markets in most sectors of the city. Lack of adequate checks has given shop owners all reasons to flout the rules.

Idol worship has been in the practice in India since ancient time. In present scenario, metals, ornaments, oily substances, synthetic colours,chemical are used to make polish and decorate idols for worship and when theseidols are immersed our aquatic and surrounding environment get severally affected. Hence, there is urgent need to develop the guidelines for idol immersion.

Shimla: Continuing its effort to rid the hills of non-biodegradable plastic waste, the government has decided to launch the second phase of

A young designer turns non-biodegradable tetrapacks into alluring purses, laptop covers and other products

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Mumbai: Willie Shirsat, from Borivli

Hoshangabad: Use of polythene bags has been banned in an area of 200 metres limit from banks of the river Narmada in Hoshangabad.