For several reasons, 2006 is a watershed in the history of India's nuclear power programme.

The construction of the Prototype Fast Breeder Reactor, a milestone on the road to energy security, begins at Kalpakkam in Tamil Nadu.

09 Apr 2012

I have read with interest the article “Kudankulam Meltdown” by Latha Jishnu and others. Since it is based on a direct interaction with the people residing near the project site, it has authenticity.

I live in Visakhapatnam which is close to Kovvada where NPCIL is planning to set up another nuclear power complex. The Kudankulam experience is therefore relevant to people like me.

23 Mar 2011

The severe quake that hit Japan earlier this month and the devastating tsunami that followed it were unfortunate. These two events triggered a series of explosions at Fukushima Daiichi and a few other nuclear power installations. The Dept.

MUMBAI: March 11, 2011, began like any other day for an official of the Nuclear Power Corporation (NPC) in the hi-tech emergency control room at the Vikram Sarabhai Bhavan, its headquarters at Trombay.

Hyderabad: The Japanese nuclear crisis has triggered fresh fears among people in Srikakulam district of Andhra Pradesh where protestshave been raging for several months over the proposed 2,000 MW nuclear power plant.

Environmentalists, local villagers and opposition parties are up in arms against the nuclear power project at Kovvada on the grounds that it would cause environmental pollution and

Additional safety to be considered following Japanese experience
The tsunami-triggered nuclear crisis in Japan will not slow down India

MUMBAI: Stressing that Indian atomic power plants were constantly upgraded to match current levels of safety requirements and were safe, scientists on Monday said that the events in Japan cannot slow down the country's nuclear energy programme in any way.

Nuclear Power Corporation of India (NPCIL) is slated to complete preliminary ground work for its controversial 6,000 mw power plant in West Bengal by March 2012.
The proposed nuclear power project at Haripur has run into trouble with locals resisting land acquisition. NPCIL, however, has gone ahead and started ground work.

KOLKATA: In a bid to address the growing opposition to the Jaitapur nuclear power plant project, the Nuclear Power Corporation of India (NPCIL) has finalized a new Rs 650 crore rehabilitation package, which it claims is "10 times" more effective than the existing one. The plant is an Indo-French joint venture. "We have improved the rehabilitation package by 10 times.