Sunny Sebastian

JAIPUR: Though the rain gods were not very kind to the Bharatpur region this season even while rest of Rajasthan got a plentiful monsoon, the World Heritage site Keoladeo National Park got a new lease of life this weekend when the waters of the Panchna dam, some 100 kms away in Karauli district, reached its historical swamps.

Jaipur: The water from Panchna dam, which is expected to arrive Ghana later this week, will not only give a new lease of life to the Bharatpur bird sanctuary but will also help save its heritage tag in the UNESCO meeting scheduled for next month.

Govt directs Karauli admin to release water from Panchna Dam into sanctuary

DNA Correspondent
After a long wait, water will be released in the famous wetlands of Ghana wildlife sanctuary in Bharatpur to revive its dying ecosystem.

The Keoladeo National Park (KNP), better known as the Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary, is one of the world

The conflict over the use of the waters of the Panchna dam for the Keoladeo National Park, in which upstream farmers in the command area of the dam have staged protests, is about rapidly decreasing water supply amidst a growing number of users.