india suffers considerable losses due to crop damage every year. assocham has pegged this loss at Rs 140,000 crore for 2006-07. Unfortunately, there is no way to ascertain whether this or similar

the Punjab state farmers commission has recently asked the state government to make delayed-sowing of rice mandatory. The move comes at a time when agriculture in Punjab is facing its worst spell

it is unusual for the powerful real estate lobbies to be brought to their knees in India. But such a thing happened in Gujarat in 2002. The high court was hearing a petition on saving the lakes of

Property buyers in Punjab are in a fix, as are financiers and builders with housing construction projects in Panchkula and Mohali, satellite towns of Chandigarh. One of the most

Book>> Colonializing Agriculture, The Myth of Punjab Exceptionalism

In the last week of July, most of the residents in the village Salkiana in Jalandhar, Punjab, experienced suffocation and breathlessness, following the spray of a deadly pesticide phorate in a nearby

Warehousing Bill, a double edged sword for farmers

The paper deals with the technical and financial performance and the reforms process in the power utility of Punjab. Technical as well as financial performance of the utility has been found unsatisfactory, mainly due to the lack of commercial outlook and unaccountable and unnecessary political interference in the functioning of the utility.

Satellite images used differently

Terminator technology patent holder enters the Indian market