Private U.S. company Tang Energy Group said on Friday a Chinese company has agreed to provide $300 million in financing for its wind power projects.

A proposed UK scheme designed to force some 5,000 businesses to cut carbon emissions by reducing their energy consumption gives companies no reason to buy renewable energy, critics said on Friday.

"Businesses need greater incentives to demand increased renewable power in their fuel mix, not less," said Jo Butlin, vice president at UK renewable power supplier Smartest Energy.

Chennai, April 30 E.ON Energy Ltd and Baard Energy from Niedersachsen State in Germany are exploring possibilities to set up offshore renewable energy projects in India, the Minister for Economics, Labour and Transport of Niedersachsen, Germany, Mr Phillipp Rosler, has said.

World marketed energy consumption is projected to increase by 44 percent from 2006 to 2030. Total energy demand in the non-OECD countries increases by 73 percent, compared with an increase of 15 percent in the OECD countries.

This fourth edition of REN21

Algae have recently received a lot of attention as a new biomass source for the production of renewable energy.

Chairman of the Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission Dr Ansar Parvez while addressing the 2009 convocation of the KANUPP Institute of Nuclear Power Engineering stated that Pakistan plans to build more nuclear plants in an effort to increase supply by a total of 8,800 MW.

OVER the past few years, as venture capitalists poured money into solar companies and green technology start-ups, the mood in Silicon Valley resembled the sunny days of the dot-com boom in the late 1990s.

PHOTOVOLTAIC cells are already a familiar sight on rooftops. But one day, miniature cells may also be found in more unconventional places: power-generating windows, car sunroofs or even awnings.

LOCKHEED MARTIN is best known for building stealth fighters, satellites and other military equipment. But since late 2006 the company has taken on a different kind of enterprise