The absence of any kind of measures to regulate e-rickshaws is one of the reasons why so many of them have started plying on Delhi roads over the past one year.

Those with motor power up to 650W will be allowed to ply on city roads

The Delhi Transport department wrote to the Commerce Ministry recently, requesting it to take action against illegal import of e-rickshaw parts, majority of which are being imported from China.

‘They could be an intermediate mode of public transport’

The government will soon come out with a new design for e-rickshaws that would make the vehicle a safe mode of transport for last mile connectivity .

The Transport department has started impounding e-rickshaws in accordance with decisions taken during a meeting taken in Chief Secretary’s office on April 15.

Unhappy with the failure of the state government to streamline plying of e-rickshaws, Delhi high court on Wednesday demanded an explanation from the chief secretary .

The delay in formulation of policy to regulate e-rickshaws in Delhi has put commuters, particularly pedestrians, at risk.

“Must be categorised as either motorised or non-motorised vehicle”

The North Delhi Municipal Corporation on Monday informed the Delhi High Court that it could not regulate battery-operated e-rickshaw unless the Delhi Government framed a policy categorising whether it is a motorised vehicle or non-motorised one.

The government wants to put a halt to manufacturing on e-rickshaws until a clear policy on these vehicles is out.