Operating Costs Of Buses To Also Go Up, DTC

At least 1,000 solar rickshaws will be deployed to ferry over 7,000 athletes and their delegates during the Commonwealth Games later this year.

THE bicycle rickshaws that weave through New Delhi's narrow lanes have long been scorned by authorities here for congesting the city's already fierce traffic. The creaking carriages crawl alongside luxury sedans, book hawkers, horse-drawn carts, hulking buses and cows, said a report published in The Washington Post. In this city and the other quickly modernizing capitals of South Asia, governments have called the rickshaws backward, embarrassing symbols of the Third World.

Among the great cities of the world, Kolkata, the capital of West Bengal and the home of nearly 15 million people, is often mentioned as the only one that still has a large fleet of hand-pulled rickshaws. April 2008

Chandan Kumar, the main designer of the Chandra Rath, talks about the vehicle in crisp technical parlance which he picked up in the last two years at DCE.

Poll move hits rickshaw pullers

On January 5, 2003 hundreds of rickshaw pullers in Hyderabad got together to declare: Protect our right on roads.

A new cycle rickshaw, that is easier to drive, has hit the roads of Agra. A zero emission vehicle at last