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NEW DELHI: The Congress on Monday refused to be drawn into taking a stand on interlinking of rivers as a permanent solution to floods, with party spokesman Abhishek Singhvi maintaining that the

Less than a month after Rahul Gandhi warned against

The project requires faster implementation

In progress: The channel to take Tamiraparani surplus water to Karumaeniyar and Nambiyar being dug near Pirancherry.

Periyar had initially opposed toddy but later he supported it. In the case of river water integration project, a rethink is necessary

Sept. 15: Terming supporters of river-interlinking projects "non-serious," Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) leader Ashok Singhal on Tuesday said such a project would be dangerous for the country.

In a veiled attack on the NDA, during whose tenure at the Centre river interlinking projects were proposed, Mr Singhal said: "River interlinking is a dangerous project."

Days after the BJP asked Congress general secretary Rahul Gandhi to

COMING out in full support for interlinking rivers at the national level, DMDK president Vijayakanth has termed that it was the need of the hour. Replying to queries from reporters over the remarks made by AICC general secretary, Rahul Gandhi on interlinking of rivers would lead to an ecological disaster, Vijayakanth said at a press conference here on Monday that those were his personnel views.

Members of the Legislative Council agreed that the government must do all it can to reform the agriculture sector as ideas ranging from interlinking of rivers in the to state to developing fresh cropping patterns were floated on Monday.

REACTING to Congress general secretary Rahul Gandhi's earlier remark that linking of rivers in India would be an environmental disaster, chief minister Karunanidhi reiterated, on Sunday, that interlinking of rivers at the national level is a must.