NEW DELHI: Sulabh International, which operates public toilets across the country, has refused to take up any work offered by the MCD for the maintenance of public toilets in the Capital in view of upcoming Games.

A leading international sanitation NGO, Sulabh International, will start its operation in Japan by constructing six low cost toilets popularly known as "Sulabh Sauchalaya" in rural areas of Japan.

Under fire from several quarters over the pathetic state of sanitation, Sulabh International Social Service Organisation have promised to put the public toilets in order and have offered to set up a chain of Public toilets in the Commercial Capital.

Insiya Amir,

Assuring that the Authority is committed to maintaining sanitation and hygiene in its markets, the South Goa Planning and Development Authority has directed Sulabh international to expedite work of the effluent treatment plant at the wholesale fish market to achieve proper sanitation.

On August 20, 2009 during the World Water Week in Stockholm, Dr. Bindeshwar Pathak will receive the 2009 Stockholm Water Prize for his lifelong dedication to improve public health, advance social progress, and improve human rights in India and internationally. Dr. Pathak shares his reflections and visions on his ongoing quest for clean and dignified lives for all people.

Sulabh International, the pioneer of sanitation sector in India, has been selected for this year

Four decades ago, when Bindeshwar Pathak began his work on changing unsanitary latrine practices, there were sceptics galore. Today, Pathak

Dr. Bindeshwar Pathak, founder of the Sulabh Sanitation Movement in India, has been named the 2009 Stockholm Water Prize Laureate.

NEW DELHI: Voluntary organisation Sulabh International is now all set to share its expertise in sanitation, health care and hygiene with five countries in Africa, Asia, Latin America and Caribbean region.

The NGO has already signed an agreement with Ethiopia to streamline public sanitation facilities in that country and is planning to engage with other African nations too.