Global leaders in the 24th annual World Water Week in Stockholm urged the energy and water communities to work together to meet the challenge of providing clean drinking water and energy for a grow

Netafim, an Israeli provider of drip and micro-irrigation technology that improves water, energy, farm and labor productivity, today was awarded the 2013 Stockholm Industry Water Award.

On August 20, 2009 during the World Water Week in Stockholm, Dr. Bindeshwar Pathak will receive the 2009 Stockholm Water Prize for his lifelong dedication to improve public health, advance social progress, and improve human rights in India and internationally. Dr. Pathak shares his reflections and visions on his ongoing quest for clean and dignified lives for all people.

Four decades ago, when Bindeshwar Pathak began his work on changing unsanitary latrine practices, there were sceptics galore. Today, Pathak

Dr. Bindeshwar Pathak, founder of the Sulabh Sanitation Movement in India, has been named the 2009 Stockholm Water Prize Laureate.

STOCKHOLM (AFP) - As the world races to find solutions to the planet's climate woes, some 2,500 experts meet in Stockholm this week to put the spotlight on one of the most pressing issues, that of water resources, at World Water Week.

The theme of this year's annual gathering is sanitation and hygiene issues.

Almost half of the world's population lacks proper toilet facilities, a situation that can have dire consequences on public health and which poses a challenge to resolve since water is becoming an increasingly scarce resource.

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Professor John Anthony Allan from King

This article traces how Singapore-with no natural aquifers or groundwater-goes from having inadequate supplies to winning awards for exemplary water management.

Stockholm Water Prize: CSE director Sunita Narain, received the coveted prize from King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden for CSE's contribution to build a water-literate and a water-prudent society.