The 2017 Nobel Prize in chemistry has been awarded to three scientists for improving images made of biological molecules.

As many as 109 Nobel laureates, mostly scientists, have signed a letter urging the Greenpeace to end its opposition to the genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and calling upon governments around

Folk healers in North-East use plants to treat infections, cancer

China Gets First Science Laureate, Shares Prize With Irish & Japanese Scientists

Japanese and Chinese officials agreed Sunday to step up cooperation on energy-conservation and environmental measures during the first high-level governmental meeting since their leaders last mont

Just last week the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences decided to award scientists Isamu Akasaki, Hiroshi Amano and Shuji Nakamura the Nobel Prize in physics for their invention of blue light-emittin

French economics professor wins final prize of the 2014 Nobels at a ceremony for his work on market power and regulation, and his work taming powerful firms

The 2014 Nobel Prize in Chemistry has been awarded to a trio of researchers for improving the resolution of optical microscopes.

Three Japanese-born researchers today won the Nobel Prize for Physics for inventing the LED lamp, a boon in the fight against global warming and aiding people in poverty.

The 2014 Nobel Prize in Physics has officially been awarded to Isamu Akasaki of Meijo University in Japan and to Hiroshi Amano of Nagoya University in Japan and to Shuji Nakamura of the University