Folk healers in North-East use plants to treat infections, cancer

So far, there is not too much progress at Challakere by these institutions. Several NGOs and activists believe there is still a chance to get the projects cancelled permanently.

The second campus of the Indian Institute of Science (IISc) at Challkere in Chitradurga district will be very unlike the original campus with focus on renewable energy, and rain water harvesting, i

Axing the future: According to Environmental Support Group, 50,000 trees were felled to widen a series of streets in the late 2000s.

Other cities selected include Surat, Chennai, Melbourne, New York, Glasgow, LA

The Vrishabhavathi river, a tributary of the Arkavathy river, is a stark example of river pollution.

Continuous dumping of garbage in landfills will turn them into toxic emission site.

As the debate over how the City should dispose of its waste rages and residents of Mandur village protest against dumping of trash in their neighbourhood, it is important to note that almost 55-60

Nearly 25 lakh tonnes of garbage have accumulated in Mandur landfill.