As many as 47 sand mining spots in the two creeks and four rivers of Thane district have been identified to analyse the environment impact of sand dredging operations and guide the authorities to a

MUMBAI: The BMC may have started preparing for the worst for this summer but the situation at the six lakes that supply water to the city is in fact much better compared to what it was at the same time last year. A weak monsoon so far this year has given officials jitters but there is 1,74,295 lakh million litres of water in the lakes compared to 71,520 million litres last year.

The city will face a 30% water cut this Friday, after two major pipeline bursts surfaced on a portion of Tansa mains on Thursday. The island city, including both eastern and western suburbs, will have to bear the brunt of the water crunch.

While the Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority (MMRDA) chants the mantra of making the region a world-class hub, there may be trouble in the offing with their revival of the dams project.
The authority has offered a rehabilitation package for the construction of Shai and Kalu dams in Thane district, but it may face resistance from the local villagers.

The authority has decided on t

The water level over the catchment area stands comfortably at 12.9 lakh ml, but the city is still wrangling with water woes.

Municipal councillors on Wednesday said that the age-old pipelines have led to turbulent water supply in the city.

1892: Tansa phase I to supply 77 mld water to Mumbai
1915: Tansa phase II to increase the supply to 82 mld

1925: Height of Tansa dam raised to increase water supply to 150 mld

1948: Tansa phase IV adds 181 mld water to Mumbai

1948 to 1957: Modak Sagar dam built across Vaitarna river to supply 490 mld water