Indian Social Action Forum, Janhastakshep, People's Union for Civil Liberties, All-India Students Association and other citizens' groups jointly staged a protest demonstration near Maharashtra Sadan here on Monday condemning the detention and harassment of yatris taking part in the anti-nuclear yatra in Maharashtra.

In a memorandum to the Resident Commissioner of Maharashtra, the protesters dem

As part of the exercise undertaken by the government to ensure world class nuclear safety standards in the wake of the Fukushima nuclear disaster, the four groups constituted by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh will quantify to what level India can handle a major crisis beyond the design capacity of nuclear plants in the country.

The Fukushima Effect

n Four groups constituted by the PM will qua

As a review of all the nuclear facilities in the country is underway, the authorities are factoring in the lessons learnt from the Fukushima episode and even beyond to ensure that the atomic installations are able to weather all the possible disasters.

The upgrade in safety features of the nuclear plants will apply to the existing ones as well as the new ones, including the proposed Jaitapur pl

India's nuclear plants may soon get some additional safety features, including more provisions to add water to the reactors to deal with over heating of the core, a condition that led to the Fukushima nuclear accident.

The measures are part of six recommendations made by four separate task forces set up by the country's nuclear plant operator NPCIL to study the capability of handling extended p

The government

Fukushima is making people edgy. Especially those who live near India

New Delhi: Clouds of radioactive steam over Japan

PM orders technical review of plants to check if they can withstand major disasters

The Government, which banks on nuclear power to reduce dependence on petroleum, has refrained from backing a call for review of its policy, following the meltdown of two reactors in Japan.

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