The US firm, Amoco-Enron Solar Power Development Corp of Houston, Texas, has proposed a solar photovoltaic (SPV) power plant in Rajasthan's Thar desert. The 150 mw project is estimated

THE sight of young forests in a dry desert is a breathtaking sight. Marusthal par vijay is the story of the Haryana Forest Department's afforestation efforts to block the sinister advance of the Thar

Locust swarms are the bane of farmers in more than 66 countries. Small wonder then that the locust is the only insect that has a global committee working to outwet it

The FAO is at the hub of efforts to combat the locust probably the only globally integrated endeavour against an insect

The Thar of Pakistan is an arid region troubled by long spells of drought, rapidly falling groundwater levels, abysmally low literacy levels and rudimentary medical centres. But the crisis facing the Thar today stems from beyond all this. It can be traced

Field trials prove a deep rooted tree indigenous to Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra grows well in the Thar desert.