A recent order may have exempted PV solar projects from environmental clearance, but experts have their concerns about the rationality of this decision.

Illegal hunting and inadequate resources available to the Wildlife Department are threatening the existence of `chinakara`, a beautiful antelope species of Indian gazelle or in Thar desert.

Frequent droughts and loss of habitats are other problems the endangered species of gazelle is facing.

There appears to be no well-defined conservation strategy although chinakara is enlisted in the Red D

Everyone knows about Chernobyl, Three Mile Island and, now, Fukushima. But what about Semipalatinsk, Palomares and Kyshtym? The world is full of nuclear disaster zones -- showing just how dangerous the technology really is.


This report captures a range of cost effective and sustainable community-led solutions to meet the challenge of water scarcity in the Marwar region of Rajasthan.

Climate change is the greatest challenge before the global society, impacting the ecology, economy and society in several ways. Changes related to the climate of Rajasthan are over and above the natural climate variability prevailing in this area. Studies have shown that Rajasthan falls within the areas of greatest climate sensitivity, maximum vulnerability and lowest adaptive capacity.

Poaching, trapping and sale of peachicks is going on in district Tharparkar despite a ban on hunting and poaching in the district where peacock, deer and other rare species are on the verge of extinction.

Monsoon is the breeding season for Thar Desert

Among several salt lakes in the Thar Desert of western India, the Sambhar is the largest lake producing about 2 9 105 tons of salt (NaCl) annually.

Thar Rural Environment and Economic Society, an NGO has urged the authorities to take measures for saving trees in Thar.

Directors of the NGO arranged a press conference on Wednesday for creating awareness among people to protect this valuable asset of the area.

The erratic and heavy rainfall last year has turned a large part of the deep desert country into a vast submerged landscape.