CHENNAI: Three Sloth bears including a sub-adult cub were rescued by the Forest Department officials in Villupuram last week.

The bears have been rehabilitated at the Vandalur zoo, where they were brought on Saturday midnight, the zoo authorities said.

Farmers evincing keen interest on the new method of paddy cultivation

Collector propagating the new agriculture concept through all forums and public functions

VILLUPURAM: Two water resource management experts from the World Bank visited Villupuram on Saturday to study the implementation of the System of Rice Intensification (SRI).

VILLUPURAM: Residents of the coastal area of Chinnamudaliarkuppam in Kottakuppam town panchayat near here are threatened by sea erosion that has been occurring over a period.

VILLUPURAM: A team of officials detected an illegal black granite quarry being operated at Semangalam in the Vanur block, during a surprise check on Wednesday.

Two categories of planting are being promoted

VILLUPURAM: With a view to extending green cover, the Forest Department has embarked upon planting saplings on private lands, according to P.Varadaraj, Conservator of Forests, Villupuram region.

Government Pleader

VILLUPURAM: The State government has launched a scheme to recharge open farm wells by installing rainwater harvesting systems. To encourage farmers to do so the government is giving grants, according to R.Palanisamy, District Collector.

Emergency centre constructed at a cost of Rs. 10 lakh on Villupuram Collectorate complex

169 districts in 17 States identified as disaster-prone and 13 are in Tamil Nadu

Administration has tied up with State Transport Corporation for transporting affected people

They were freed from bonded labour in 1989-90

Shyam Ranganathan

CHENNAI: Nearly 650 families who were freed from bonded labour from Andhra Pradesh quarries in 1989-1990, are living in abject poverty in Villupuram district because of non-access to government schemes, according to officials in the Adi Dravidar Welfare Directorate.

Kalliammal is busy gathering harvested gingerly seed crops and piling them up in a heap and does not notice us as we enter the village. A quick glance around, will tell you that many of her neighbours are in a hurry as well. It