Rajasthan shows interest in the successful watershed missions of Madhya Pradesh

Sonia Gandhi visits Jhabua and bears witness to a green revolution

A civil engineer and a farmer, he knows the importance of the relationship between land and water. Small dams are his forte.

A D M I R E R S Digvijay Singh is the only chief minister of Madhya Pradesh who thinks about the environment. He knows that environment is a source of livelihood for villagers. Watershed

Four years ago, Kali Bai's residence was the most notorious place in village Kakradhar of district Jhabua. She was the only woman who had a liquor shop catering round the clock to villagers who

Gula Ralu, 90, is the eldest resident of Village Ambakhoda in district Jhabua. According to him, two Renerations of people reside in the villages: his generation, which:has t seen the jungle, and

"Politicians have to learn the importance of environment"

Chandrababu Naidu ia known more for his obsession with technology and computers. Little is known about his watershed mission

He has seen the forests being destroyed since the 1950s. Today, he is trying to unite people to undo the damage. Dase Gaud, 75, has played a vital role in the formation of Hottebetta Vana

Just two years ago, the people of P Yaleru village in Anantapur district had to walk several kilometres to get drinking water. According to 6 Sreenivas, technical director, Rural Development Trust,