Involvement of locals in the management of natural resources has earned remarkable dividends for the Doon valley

N K Sanghi , director, National Institute of Agriculture Extension and Management in Hyderabad Andhra Pradesh , has been advocating a modified concept of watershed management that addresses the issue of equity. Sanghi, who spo

The micro watershed development project in Maharashtra has put a stop to what was earlier an annual ritual of deserting the drought prone villages of Marathwada by their residents

This publication focusses on the Aral Sea crisis - the result of economic processes set in motion by the planners of the erstwhile Soviet Union in the 1950s. It is one of the biggest ecological disasters, second only to Chernobyl, leading to a total collapse of the socio-economic life of the people.

Now York city's insistence that its up country watershed ares clean up their act has become a development versus environment issues in the US a lessons for all Indian cities

THE watershed development programme in the country is all set to get a major thrust with the decision of the ministry of rural areas and employment to set aside Rs 3,000 crore - almost half of

Indo Bangladesh water talks seem to have taken a positive turn while critics still consider the issue a washed out case

A lift irrigation system helps tribals in Gujarat fight the tyranny of the seasons

Watershed management emerges as an effective ecological conservation method

Orchards in Vansda transform distant dream into reality as people unite to store and use the water that would usually run off