P R Mishra used the power of the community to transform the barren landscape of Sukhomajri into a model for forest regeneration

IN ORDER to tap the potential of unirrigated lands, the Union government is formulating a new national policy on agriculture. The thrust of the policy will be finalised after discussion with states.

FIRST published in 1997, the book is a contribution to Chapter 13 of Agenda 21 of the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (unced). The world's mountains finally received the

The number of institutions trying to integrate environmental concerns with economics is still small in India, especially given the size of the country and the diversity of its environmental problems and challenges, but a small beginning has already been made. This volume presents the proceedings of the national environment and economics meeting held in January 1994, in New Delhi.

Check dams have yielded rich dividends for Hivare

The current drought has spurred Indian agricultural scientists to formulate guidelines for combating different rain scarcity situations -- when rains start late, when they are less than normal,