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G. Mahadevan

Environmental activists are taking to the Internet in a new bid to help save the world's rainforests with the help of major corporations including Starbucks Corp and Dell Inc.

Campaigners plan to announce on Monday the formation of "Team Earth," a social network that includes businesses, nongovernmental organizations, students and politicians with the hope of battling tropical deforestation.

Formal launching of publication and website ( on Disaster Friendly Water and Sanitation technologies, was held under joint aegis of Concern Universal-Bangladesh (CUB) and Dhaka Ahsania Mission (DAM) in the city's Dhanmondi auditorium of Dhaka Ahsania Mission on September 12.

As part of its 100-day achievements the Health Ministry has claimed to have taken

>> A study of Twitter has found that 40 per cent of the messages sent via it are

It seems a witty little word play, and international non-profits Wherever the Need and Skadaddle Media are really having fun with it. But they are also using Twitter to call attention to the importance of sanitation and to raise money to build eco-sanitation toilets for developing countries. The programme calls for people to tweet their friends on the networking site and ask them to donate

Book>> Free A US based professor has launched Aquapedia, a web-based repository for information regarding the water sector. The beta version currently hosts 14 case studies, 8 of which have no information posted yet. The creator of the site, Shafiqul Islam of Tufts University, has attempted to establish a collaborative environment