Statistical information on Nepalese agriculture 2012/2013

With a view to provide comprehensive statistical information on agriculture as well as other related variables, the "Statistical Information on Nepalese Agriculture, 2012/13" is being prepared and published by the Agri Statistics section, Agri-Business Promotion and Statistics Division, Ministry of Agricultural Development (MOAD). The contents in this edition are Pre estimation of micro (district) level statistics on cereal crops, cash crops, pulses, livestock, poultry, fishery and horticulture. Efforts are also made to incorporate available statistics on population, irrigation, inputs, credit, prices, edible cereal grain production and requirement (food security aspects), released crop varieties, export and import of some agriculture commodities, meteorological information etc, in order to provide maximum possible information of Nepalese agriculture. It is anticipated that this report as usual will be useful especially to those who are involved in
planning, research and overall economic development of the country.