Assam flood assessment report 2012

The 2012 floods in June this year because of heavy rains and breaches in embankments of the Brahmaputra and its tributaries have caused colossal loss of life and property across the state. However, there are some districts that have been worst hit namely Morigaon, Sonitpur and Nowgaon affecting more than 13,19,260 people. According to the reports 588 villages are severely affected by the floods. Total displaced people are 411,983 ( govt numbers/ cumulative figure). This number will have reduced by now as water has receded and people who have the resources have begun to move back. However, there are some villages which damaged to such an extent that it is not possible for people to go back to. Inhabitants from these villages continue to reside in the govt. Managed IDP camps. Currently the number of displaced across the 3 districts is 156,551 persons. As on 6th of July reporting the number of IDP camps is 175 across the 3 districts. Their sizes can vary.