A better world: life on land

A book highlighting how communities and countries are practically putting life back into the 2 billion hectares of land we have degraded was launched today to mark the Forest, Food and Land Challenge Coalition event taking place at the Global Climate Action Summit (GCAC), 12 September 2018, in San Francisco, California. The four Volume 4 Life in a series titled “A Better World”, the book sub-titled, "Life on Land", is published for the United Nations by the UK publisher, Tudor Rose. Life on Land is about Sustainable Development Goal 15, and more specifically about target 15.3, which is about achieving Land Degradation Neutrality (LDN) globally by 2030. Land degradation neutrality is the technical term referring to intentional actions taken to avoid, reduce and reverse the degradation of land. The GCAC Forest, Food and Land Challenge Coalition showcases the essential role of land and food systems in addressing climate change. The coalition brings together farmers, ranchers, foresters, indigenous peoples, business leaders, elected officials, investors, artists and citizens who by working together can deliver up to 30 per cent of the climate solutions needed by 2030.