Climate and disaster resilience financing in small island developing states

Storms, hurricanes, and cyclones have been a feature of life on Small Island Developing States (SIDS) for centuries. But climate change is now increasing the intensity of these disasters, as well as creating new developmental challenges - like rising sea levels and increasing ocean acidity - which not only challenge the development models of these countries. They challenge and threaten their own existence. This report examines the nature, scope and volume of concessional finance directed to SIDS to build resilience to climate change and natural disasters. It identifies challenges in the provision and use of financing for resilience. Yet, it is not just about challenges. It also illustrates the positive steps that SIDS are taking – and in many cases leading – to ensure that climate and disaster resilience is addressed as an integral part of their development. The report offers targeted recommendations to enhance the scope and quality of resilience financing, calling for the international community to consider financing for climate and disaster resilience that is appropriate for the challenges that SIDS face.