Ending the neglect to attain the sustainable development goals: a rationale for continued investment in tackling neglected tropical diseases 2021–2030

Financing the acceleration of the progress needed to reach the NTD 2030 targets was highlighted throughout the global consultation on which the road map was based and, for some time, a lack of resources has been seen as a significant barrier to the control, elimination and eradication of NTDs. This challenge has only been intensified by the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic; indeed, the pandemic has altered the course of many public health objectives for the near and long terms alike. As part of the work of preparing the road map, and in response to the need to raise the funding and resources highlighted by the NTD community, this advocacy document supports the implementation of the road map by presenting a rationale for investing in actions to combat NTDs. This rationale was developed in an already complex funding landscape and in the context of a wide-ranging and diverse set of diseases. It was also prepared against a background of unprecedented cuts to aid budgets and shifting international priorities. This document sets out, therefore, to explain the socioeconomic value of investing in the fight against NTDs and highlights priorities for global investment attention.