Energy sources of Indian households for cooking and lighting, 2004-05

The National Sample Survey Organisation (NSSO) conducts socio-economic surveys covering various subjects on regular basis. Subjects are selected keeping in view their importance. As part of the NSS 61st round during the period July 2004 - June 2005, the Household Consumer Expenditure survey was conducted on large sample basis and this was the seventh quinquennial survey on the subject. The survey covered all the States and Uts in the country. The data was collected from a sample of 79298 rural and 45346 urban households spread over 7999 villages and 4602 urban blocks respectively. This report is one of a series of seven reports to be brought out on the basis of the data collected through the survey. It presents distribution of households by primary source of energy used separately for cooking and lighting in rural and urban areas in the States and Uts and at all India level during 2004-05. The distribution is also provided for different socio-economic categories of the people. Chapter One of the report serves as the introduction. Chapter Two explains the concepts and definitions used in the survey. Chapter Three gives the main findings of the survey. Detailed tables at the State/UT and all-India level are given in Appendix A. The sample design and the estimation procedure is given in Appendix B. A facsimile of the schedule used for data collection is given as Appendix C.