Glaciers are in rapid decline and loss of these glaciers will have profoundly negative impacts on climate and human life, according to this published report by scientific working group commissioned by the Vatican’s Pontifical Academy of Science. The report gives the group’s consensus statement is a warning to humanity and a call for fast action—to mitigate global and regional warming, to protect mountain glaciers and other vulnerable ecosystems, to assess national and local climate risks, and to prepare to adapt to those climate impacts that cannot be mitigated. Report makes three central recommendations to minimize climate impacts: • Reduce emissions of carbon dioxide quickly and aggressively, including through protection of forests, wetlands, grasslands, and other carbon sinks, and through the development and deployment of strategies to draw down excess CO2 in the atmosphere, all within decades; • Reduce concentrations of other climate warmers and air pollutants, including black carbon soot, methane, lower atmosphere ozone, and hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) by as much as 50 percent, also within decades; and • Prepare to adapt to climate change impacts that will undoubtedly occur even if mitigation measures are successful.