Gender, poverty and disability in the National Action Plan for food and nutrition 2017-2019 of Indonesia and ways forward

In this review aim to assess how, and to what extent, the National Action Plan for Food and Nutrition 2017-2019 of Indonesia, henceforth known as the “Action Plan,” has considered social inclusion. While social inclusion can consist of many categories, for the purpose of this review, focused on gender, poverty and disability. In addition to assessing how gender, poverty and disability were considered in the Action Plan, also conducted a limited review of relevant policies from other Southeast Asian countries and elsewhere, to provide examples of how gender, poverty and disability have been considered in food and nutrition policies. The overall goal of this review is to assess where the Action Plan is, in terms of considering gender, poverty and disability and to provide some recommendations of how these things could be considered in future iterations of the Action Plan and/or associated policies and programs.