The Global Information Technology Report 2012: Living in a Hyperconnected World

The Global Information Technology Report 2012 features the latest results of the NRI, offering an overview of the current state of ICT readiness in the world.
This year’s coverage includes a record number of 142 economies from both the developing and developed world, accounting for over 98 percent of global GDP. A number of essays and case studies on living in a hyperconnected world as well as policy case studies on developing ICT are featured in the Report, together with a comprehensive data section—including detailed profiles for each economy covered and data tables with global rankings for the NRI’s 53 indicators. The studies presented in this report will help in accelerating convergence in the ICT industry and allow it to play a vital role in the growth of the global economy.

This Report series is the result of a long-standing partnership between the World Economic Forum (the Forum) and INSEAD, aimed at identifying, measuring, and benchmarking the drivers of national capacity to leverage ICT to boost competitiveness and well-being and their impacts. The Report is composed of four thematic parts.

Part 1 describes the conceptual framework and relates the findings of the NRI 2012. In addition, Part 1 features selected expert contributions on the general theme of hyperconnectivity.
Part 2 includes two case studies showing the efforts that two countries, Azerbaijan and Mauritius, are making to develop ICT and fully leverage their potential benefits.
Part 3 comprises detailed profiles for the 142 economies covered
in this year’s Report, providing a thorough picture of each economy’s current networked readiness landscape and allowing for international comparisons of specific variables or components of the NRI.
Part 4 includes data tables for each of the 53 variables composing the NRI, with rankings for the economies covered as well as technical notes and sources for the quantitative variables used.

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