Global report on food crises 2019: Update September 2019

The Global Report on Food Crises (GRFC), released annually, provides a consensus-based view of the numbers of people in urgent need of assistance for food, nutrition and livelihood support at the worst point during the previous year. For the last three years the report has indicated that despite the efforts of national governments and humanitarian actors, the number has not fallen below 100 million people globally, with conflict and insecurity, climate-related issues and economic shocks being the primary drivers of food insecurity. This update is aimed at providing the latest estimates for as many crises as possible out of the 66 countries and territories initially selected for the GRFC 2019 based on the criteria listed: They required external assistance for food as assessed by FAO Global Information and Early Warning System (GIEWS) in 2018; And/or they experienced at least one food crisis in the past three years or at least three food crises in the past 10 years; And/or they were affected by climate shocks/natural disasters; conflict, insecurity, localized violence or political instability; or economic shocks that had a major impact on food security or that the Government could not handle without external assistance; And/or hosted large numbers of displaced populations whose food security was affected and required external assistance.