The opportunity of low emission zones: a taming traffic deep dive report

The climate crisis is real, and its threats and consequences are more tangible than ever before. With the transport sector accounting for nearly 12 billion metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions, there needs to be a concerted effort to mitigate the impacts of emissions from road and passenger transportation. In cities experiencing rapid urbanization especially, there is an urgent need to shift away from both private cars and transition to electric vehicles to tackle climate change, improve air quality, and reduce traffic injuries. In recent years, low emission zones (LEZs) have grown in popularity as one potentially impactful strategy for cities to reduce dependence on motor vehicles and offer clean, affordable, accessible alternatives. Building on ITDP’s Taming Traffic report that highlights various strategies for reducing driving, The Opportunity of Low Emission Zones report offers a closer look at LEZs to provide context and background for decision-makers and stakeholders interested in understanding the potential of these strategies for their city.