Soil and nutrients loss in Malawi: an economic assessment

Soil and nutrients loss are among the major impediments to a stable and sustained agricultural development in Malawi. They have historically affected the country but the high population growth, rapid deforestation, overgrazing and ploughing, combined with the impacts of climate change, such as temperature increases and changing precipitation patterns, are increasing the impact of these events that harm agricultural growth. This report, Soil and Nutrients Loss in Malawi: An economic assessment, analyses the economic impact of both soil and nutrient loss in Malawi with new country representative data on soil and nutrients loss indicators collected through field surveys, merged with detailed climatic data and socio-economic information. It translates soil loss/nutrient loss into yield loss and estimates the economic impact of loss on agricultural production as a result of soil degradation, followed by the identification of best practices to mitigate the soil and nutrient loss events.