Summary for policymakers of the regional assessment of biodiversity and ecosystem services for Asia and the Pacific

The Asia-Pacific regional assessment focuses on the critical importance of nature’s contribution to people and people’s well-being. The assessment aims to assist in the development and implementation of cross-scale and cross-sector policies, as well as institutional and governance-related interventions. It also identifies and proposes practical management options, methodologies, tools and available best practices from across the region to sustainably manage natural resources. The policy, governance and institutional options and frameworks have been formulated focusing on the five subregions and major regional grouping of nations and territories. By using scientific, indigenous and local knowledge, the assessment supports decision makers and policy leaders with synthesized information and options for the future. The report presents the latest status of and trends in biodiversity and ecosystem services, and the potential impacts of the loss of biodiversity and ecosystem services on human well-being in the five subregions: Western Asia, South Asia, South-East Asia, North-East Asia and Oceania.