The Asia-Pacific regional assessment focuses on the critical importance of nature’s contribution to people and people’s well-being. The assessment aims to assist in the development and implementation of cross-scale and cross-sector policies, as well as institutional and governance-related interventions.

This study combines a livelihoods approach with a regression approach to quantify the effectiveness of irrigation infrastructure investment on improving people’s livelihood strategies.

This report seeks to present a review of the current status of coastal governance with regard to its compatibility with Integrated Coastal Management (ICM) in Sri Lanka.

Wetlands contribute in diverse ways to the livelihoods of millions of people. They are often inextricably linked to agricultural production
systems. In many places, growing population, in conjunction with efforts to increase food security, is escalating pressure to expand

This study was driven by two objectives: to develop a framework and methodology for assessing the outcomes of conservation-poverty reduction initiatives and to apply it to such initiatives in wetlands to understand conditions and methods that can support the integration or balancing of ecosystem