A sure path to sustainable solar, wind, and geothermal

Achieving global goals for access to energy and mitigation of climate change will require a quadrupling of present levels of solar photovoltaic (PV), a multiplication by nine of the wind power generation and a doubling of the geothermal power generation in the developing world by 2025. It represents around 50, 270 and 8 gigawatts. The present guidelines lay out a three-phase approach for privately financed sustainable RE projects. In the Planning phase, technical plans are made to enable the country to develop informed RE targets. A sustainable RE program is developed during the Strategy phase. In the Implementation phase, action is taken to execute the sustainable national RE program. This integrated approach enables countries to capitalize on the deployment of RE generation to fight climate change and support energy access but also to promote energy security, keep pace with rapidly growing electricity demand, and foster socioeconomic development.