Whatever it takes - A rapid and massive increase in aid is needed to save millions of lives and bring our divided world together amid the coronavirus pandemic

Forty million people dead if unmitigated. Half a billion people pushed into poverty. Coronavirus could have a disastrous toll worldwide unless immediate and dramatic action is taken. No one is immune to the impacts of the outbreak, but the crisis will undeniably hit people living in poverty the hardest, further entrenching extreme levels of inequality. Its impacts are exacerbated for women and girls in all aspects of their lives, from health to the economy and from security to social protection. The worst-case scenarios may be preventable if we act now. Rich nations must make available the resources needed by low- and middle income nations and their citizens to stop the epidemics in their countries, avert humanitarian disaster and prevent economic collapse. This is the right thing to do. It is also in the interest of powerful economies to help, because no one is safe until we are all safe.