Zimbabwe human development report 2017: climate change and human development - towards building a climate resilient nation

The ZHDR 2017 seeks to provide an in-depth analysis of challenges relating to climate change and human development in order to mainstream climate change into national planning and build the resilience of vulnerable people in Zimbabwe to climate change using a human development lens. The ZHDR 2017 uses the ‘Drivers, Pressures, State, Impacts, Responses’ framework to analyse the interactions between climate change and human development. The framework is modified to provide for analyses of the state and trends of the livelihoods, food security, health and education aspects of human development, the impacts of climate change on them, and the responses by society, policy makers, the private sector and development partners to these impacts. It also assesses progress towards meeting internationally agreed goals and identifies gaps in their attainment. The concepts of sustainable development, human wellbeing and climate change are core to the analysis.