A village in Bihar that lost its electricity connection 30 years ago and then never succeeded in getting the state government to reconnect power supply is all set to be electrified again, this time

With 20 districts in Bihar reeling under weeklong floods and the death toll reaching 170 amid reports that an estimated 55 lakh people have been affected statewide, protests against insufficient re

An aerial survey of the Ganga river in Bihar on Saturday brought Union water resources minister Pawan Kumar Bansal and Bihar chief minister Nitish Kumar closer to the alarming severity of the siltation and pollution in the river and need for more urgent remedies.

“I saw it (growing siltation) a very serious issue and we must take urgent measures soon to save the Ganga and reduce the constant threat of floods,” said Mr Bansal, whose survey of the river was in response to Mr Kumar’s request on April 17 for a personal familiarisation with the crisis

In the middle of a raging, divisive debate in Jharkhand over the provisions of a law that aims to protect the tribals’ land, several politicians, including some in the ruling coalition, are battlin

Jharkhand looks headed for fierce acrimony between tribals and non-tribals over proposed amendments to a hundred-year-old law that restricts sale and purchase of tribal land in order to protect the primitive communities. Political parties are bitterly divided even as protests are spreading across the state.

Simmering discontent and a growing series of demonstrations and processions by both supporters and opponents of the Chotanagpur Tenancy Act, 1908, for a fortnight has created what political observers describe as a “civil-war situation” in Jharkhand.

In an ambitious plan aiming at almost doubling Bihar’s agricultural output in five years between 2012 and 2017, the Nitish Kumar-led government has unveiled a roadmap to raise and spend `1,52,511 c