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The black redstart, Phoenicurus ochruros , is protected under Britain's Wildlife and Countryside Act, 1981. The legislation, however, only covers the bird during the breeding season. First noticed

To mitigate the damage caused by frequent cyclones, six Asian countries, including India, will undertake an effective storm warning project. The five-year project is worth $45 million, and will be

Oceanographers have discovered significant plumes of chemicals

A swirling vortex of molten rock has been found 3,000 km beneath the North Pole. It is believed that the Earth's magnetic field is generated by circulation in its molten outer core. After studying

Stereotyping and labelling of things and process is a practice of comfort: it gives the mind the luxury of having little to exercise itself over. This is more evident in the way people normally

A TRAGEDY of Indian planners as also of those from some other developing countries is that they have considered agricultural development synonymous with rural development. Development is a

Environment 1995 Version describes succinctly and lucidly how the ecosystem work, how matter and energy move through the ecosystem, and how the population dynamics affects and is, in turn, affected

There exists a canon of empirical literature on Indian tribes. But there has been no adequate explanation of the present status and the process of change of these societies. This well-written and

IN THE past century, humans have polluted the oceans, poisoned rivers and lakes, made deserts of good, arable land, felled forests, and severely eroded the mountainsides. This book seeks to protect